Nothing is getting through this cap!

No, it’s not a robot head from A low-budget sci-fi movie from the 1950s. It is not a hair dryer from a beauty shop in the 1950s either. THIS IS THE MONSOON CAP!

Straight out of Area 51

This space-age chimney raincap did not require rocket science, but it is pretty clever!

Photo of a monsoon rain cap, which keeps rain out of chimneys in stormy, windy weather.

Made in America By Some Hard-Working Craftspersons

We have been purchasing our Monsoon Caps, as well as our custom-fabricated caps for years from Mongoose Metals in Salem, Oregon. They have an incredible fabrication shop, with a crew to match.

Worker on a mechanical lift, performing repairs on a chimney.

We can fix your chimney and install your Monsoon Raincap.


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