Chimney Cleaning Services

  • Open fireplace chimneys
  • Free-standing and insert pellet stoves (a pellet stove inserted into a fireplace)
  • Free-standing woodstoves
  • Woodstove inserts that are lined (a stainless steel liner connected to the woodstove.)
  • Oil furnace chimney cleanings.

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Burnt creosote from a chimney fire (looking down chimney pipe.)

Creosote pile after sweeping.

3rd degree creosote build-up (looking down the chimney.) Fire hazard.

Properly cleaned chimney flue

Rain caps to keep animals and rain out

Top-of-chimney dampers to replace worn dampers

Stainless steel monsoon chimney rain cap. Used for storm conditions. Stops downdrafts and blowing rain from entering the chimney.

Monsoon cap - stops downdrafts from windy conditions. Keeps water out from storms.

Fireplace smoke guard. This affixes to the top of the fireplace opening to keep smoke from rolling out of the top of the fireplace opening.

Fireplace smoke guard - A simple solution to solve a smoking fireplace. Works for specific conditions only. Other conditions will require different solutions.

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