Chimney/stucco repair. Salem, Oregon

Stucco/chimney repair job. “scratch” coat applied. Click to enlarge.

Stucco can be a bad idea in our area if not properly protected from rain and freeze damage. The stucco needs to be either waterproofed periodically, or properly painted with a high quality masonry paint. We use Sherwin Williams Loxon XP Masonry Coating exclusively. If the stucco is not going to be painted, then we use Mason’s Supply Co.  Mascoseal. We have been using this product for 20 years as our waterproofing agent for brick work and stucco. Click this link for detailed data on Mascoseal: Mascoseal data

Link for detailed data on Loxon Masonry Coating: Masonry paint

Scratch coat stucco/chimney repair.

Another view of scratch coat. Click to enlarge.

The “Scratch” coat is the first coat applied. It is applied with a trowell that has a notched edge that creates grooves in the stucco as it is applied. This provides for good bonding of the second coat of stucco. We use Mason’s Supply stucco mix and finish mix exclusively.

Stucco/chimney repair. Salem Oregon.

Finished work. 2 coats of stucco mix, final coat of stucco finish mix. Click to enlarge.