Gas fireplace insert, inserted into a fireplace opening. Has a sealed, glass front.


It has been a common notion that gas fireplace inserts, free-standing gas fireplaces and gas lot sets installed into wood-burning fireplaces do not need to be maintained until there is a problem. Consider this:

All of the items listed above are mechanical systems that are exposed to heat. They need to be serviced, cleaned and maintained on a regular basis to prevent malfunctions as time goes by. Gas ports can clog with insects, fuel/air mixture ratios can get out of adjustment (causing sooting and improper flame appearance ), all sorts of things can happen without regular maintenance occurring. We do the following with our annual inspection and cleaning service:


Prior to the start of work, we lay out clean moving blankets, carpet runners, etc. as needed. Then:

  1. Remove, inspect and clean the glass front. We then re-install, ensuring the pressure clips (a safety feature) are in place.
  2. The logs in the unit are removed, cleaned and inspected. We then return them to the position recommended by the manufacturer (if the manual is still available; most are available these days online.)
  3. We inspect the firebox (combustion chamber) for cracks or leaks.
  4. The burner and pilot light assembly are inspected for wear and/or corrosion. Usually, corrosion is easily removed during the inspection process.
  5. Next, the fire log grate and burner assembly are removed. We then clean the pilot and burner orifices, as well as the pilot light ignition assembly.
  6. The thermopile output voltage is tested to make sure all is ok with this component.                                                                                                             
  7. Any and all safety switches are inspected and tested to manufacturer specifications.  We then clean the Control Bay, the Valve assembly, the top of the firebox and the fan ducting areas.
  8. Glowing embers are replaced to manufactures specified amounts (if that data is available.)
  9. All of the seals and gaskets are inspected. All of the gas connections are then tested for gas leaks.
  10. At this point, the unit is put back together and adjusted for the proper flame. We then answer any questions you may have and instruct you on proper operation of the unit (if necessary.)


Repair Service Labor Rates

$169.00 for the service call (includes the first hour of service). Labor is billed at 95.00 per hour thereafter, on 15-minute increments.